Since our founding, Avatar Corporation has been on the forefront of sustainable practices.  Early on we realized by choosing to do things a little differently, we helped to set Avatar apart from the pack.  Over the years we discovered it also provides value to our customers, our employees, our environment, our suppliers, our community and our stakeholders.  Today we still challenge ourselves to continuously evaluate our practices, to ensure they are setting the benchmark, while driving innovation in all aspects of our business.

Third Party Programs

Customer Initiatives - Avatar Participates in Responsible Sourcing Through SMETA 4-Pillars


SMETA stands for Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit.  These audits promote common best practice guidance on ethical trade, provide a common audit report format and, if required, provide a common corrective action plan format.  The SMETA 4-Pillars is designed to go beyond a standard SMETA audit to realize a number of objectives including:  promotion of responsible sourcing within the supply chain and improved efficiency and effectiveness.  The four pillars are: Labor Standards, Health and Safety, Environmental, and Business Integrity.

Avatar Membership in SOCMA, The Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates


Avatar is a member of SOCMA and is audited and in conformance with their ChemStewards® Environmental, Health, Safety and Security Management System.  The core principals of the program are:

  • We will communicate with and engage employees, business partners and the community to foster a greater understanding on environmental, health, safety and security matters.
  • We will promote the concepts of product stewardship throughout a product's lifecycle.
  • We will make environmental, health, safety and security considerations a priority in our planning and operations for all new and existing products and processes.
  • We will train employees in their environmental, health, safety and security responsibilities and promote involvement and accountability in these areas.
  • We continuously strive to use our resources efficiently and minimize waste.


Avatar Corporation is committed to the environment and has incorporated facility maintenance and upgraded our systems into our sustainability initiative planning.

  • Upgrade finished goods warehouse to LED bulbs and motion sensitive fixtures for a reduction in energy consumption of 79%.
  • Upgrade of workstation computers to phthalate-free and certified ENERGY STAR and EPEAT registered Gold. All are smaller, thinner and lighter and thus, reduce the greenhouse gas production versus larger units.
  • Upgrade of servers to Virtual Servers. IT virtualization provides lower infrastructure, facility energy cost savings and reduction in carbon footprint.
  • Implementation and modification of multiple internal processes to reduce paper, toner and energy in all aspects of the business.
  • Recycle 120 tons of paper, cardboard and wood annually; which was diverted from local landfills.


Avatar Corporation is committed to our local community. We sponsored a decorative lamppost for the Village of University Park as part of the State of Illinois “Green Project”. The decorative lamppost utilizes energy saving LED bulbs that have an expected lifespan of 20 years.

Avatar also participated in Congress Park’s – The Green Team Cap Challenge. To celebrate Earth Day, Congress Park challenged neighbors and companies to fill one display cabinet with plastic caps from: drink bottles, milk jugs, condiment bottles, detergent bottles, food container caps, etc. which are Recycle # 2,4 or 5. They have a goal of 400 pounds of caps, which will be used to produce another picnic table for the playground area that will be used for years of enjoyment.