Release Agents
Release Agents

Avatar Corporation manufactures a variety of superior performance release agents for low, moderate and high temperature baking and processing applications. Our ProKote® line of release agents and TroKote™ line of trough greases contain refined, bleached and deodorized vegetable oils as their base and, in some cases, pharmaceutical grade white mineral oil which provides for extended pan life cycle.  Lecithin is the key component of many release agent formulations.  It contributes to release agent adhesion, acts as a surfactant to promote reduced surface tension resulting in better release agent atomization and spreading, and has charged structures that aid in electrostatic spray guidance.  Custom blending solutions are available, please contact us for further information.


  1. ProKote® 1001-A

  2. ProKote® 1005-O

  3. ProKote® 1006-A

  4. ProKote® 1008-AO

  5. ProKote® 1009-AN

  6. ProKote® 1020-O

  7. ProKote® 1021-AO

  8. ProKote® 2081-NP

  9. ProKote® 2155-O

  10. ProKote® 2855

  11. ProKote® 3010

  12. ProKote® 3040

  13. ProKote® 5013-T

  14. ProKote® 5018-AN

  15. ProKote® 5131

  16. ProKote® 5219-A

  17. ProKote® 5252

  18. ProKote® 5363-AT

  19. ProKote® 5502-AT

  20. ProKote® 5511-A

  21. ProKote® 5900-NT

  22. ProKote® 5935-NT

  23. ProKote® 5960-NT

  24. ProKote® 5970-NT

  25. ProKote® LSC 3070

  26. ProKote® LSC 3072-A

  27. ProKote® LSC 4060

  28. ProKote® LSC 4061-N

  29. ProKote® LSC 4555-AN

  30. ProKote® LSC 5050

  31. ProKote® LSC 5050-A

  32. ProKote® LSC 5050-N

  33. ProKote® LSC 6040

  34. ProKote® LSC 6040-N

  35. ProKote® LSC 6040-O

  36. ProKote® LSC 7000-AN

  37. ProKote® LSC 7010-AO

  38. ProKote® LSC 7700-AN

  39. TroKote™ 4000-AT

  40. TroKote™ 4225-AT

  41. TroKote™ 4521-A

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