Why the Time for Innovation is Now

Why the Time for Innovation is Now

With the COVID-19 pandemic gripping the world, the challenge for many businesses is keeping their doors open in a time when the economy has taken a massive hit. The mindset for many companies is that they can’t innovate right now, fearing that the risk is too great.


But what if you viewed the challenges of today as an opportunity for improvement tomorrow? The time for innovation is now! While your competitors are maintaining the status quo and waiting for the pandemic to end, you can set yourself up to come out ahead on the other side.    

The Importance of Innovation

In the baking industry, release agents play a critical yet often overlooked role in protecting your finished goods and the equipment on which they are processed. One could also argue that every baking operation is a bit different and taking the course of the “one-size-fits-all” path on the selection of the release agent may not yield the optimum result. To formulate release agents to provide the optimum result takes time and requires astute application chemistry along with the best practice in applicator technology so one achieves the lowest cost per baked good unit produced. 


If you’ve found yourself in this situation, you should expect solutions better catered to your unique needs.


Avatar Corporation is leading by example because we are constantly innovating — even during a pandemic — to help our customers overcome their challenges. One of our strengths is fine-tuning our release agent chemistries to be more specific to our customers’ unique needs.

ProKote® 5022-AO: The Latest Innovation from Avatar

Our latest innovation is ProKote® 5022-AO (patent-pending, Application Number 63/101,155), a groundbreaking, organic-certified release agent that is water-miscible, allergen-free, and contains only naturally derived ingredients. It was developed to address the need for a release agent in applications where an organic, oil-based solution isn’t desired.


Since ProKote® 5022-AO is water-miscible, it is a contributor to energy savings because it is readily cleaned with water and simple, organic-certified detergents when compared to ridding the baking surfaces of baked-on or oxidized vegetable oil.  It can also withstand extreme processing temperatures because it has a very high smoke and flash point (over 550°F), allowing the bakery to increase production speeds.


A few applications for this product are in bagel and tortilla production, dried fruit manufacturing, and any other application where an alternative to an oil-based solution is desired. If you are a food producer that is looking for an organic-certified product that can improve your processes and contribute to production cost savings, ProKote® 5022-AO deserves a look.


This is just one example of how you can innovate with us in the face of our world’s unique circumstances, solve problems in your production processes, and contribute to the long-term success of your company.

Want to Learn About Avatar’s Other Innovative Release Agents?

Avatar has a diverse lineup of release agents for the food industry and also offers custom-blended solutions. Avatar is committed to quality and safety, holding the highest level of certifications in the industry. To get pricing, order a sample, connect with a territory manager, or for other inquiries, contact us

Published on : 05 Oct, 2020