The Role of Release Agents in Cleanliness & Foodborne Illness Prevention

The Role of Release Agents in Cleanliness & Foodborne Illness Prevention

When thinking about the factors that contribute to cleanliness and foodborne illness prevention at a baking facility, release agents may not immediately come to mind… if at all.


This article addresses release agent properties that contribute to product safety. It will also detail some of the common safety and preventative maintenance measures a supplier of release agents should have in place to guarantee purity for the food industry.

Properties of Release Agents that Contribute to Sanitation

Some release agents on the market are formulated to aid in keeping production facilities clean and sanitary. For example, Avatar Corporation’s ProKote 5018-AN has properties that inhibit and kill latent or incidental microbial growth in equipment. A processing aid like this would be beneficial for transfer lines that are difficult to clean or unfeasible to clean frequently.


Microbial growth isn’t the only cleaning concern in the baking industry. You also must consider oil buildup. Of course, buildup is going to happen over time, and cleaning will always be necessary. However, companies can benefit from utilizing release agents that are formulated so that they don’t contribute to excess buildup of oil on equipment.


While switching out your release agent may seem like a minor change, anything that can help reduce frequency of sanitation cycles is worth considering when considering the cost savings in labor and energy consumption. Plus, it’s another way to help you prevent foodborne illness.

Essential Supplier Safety Measures

There are certain safety measures your release agent supplier should adhere to. Remember, it doesn’t hurt to occasionally check in with your contact person to confirm they are following all requirements and maintaining high levels of cleanliness and sanitation. Here are some things to look for:


  • 3rd Party GFSI Food Safety Certificate of Compliance
  • Full PPE attire in practice, including masks and appropriate face shields where applicable
  • Segregated equipment or post-sanitation verifications where cross-contamination of allergens could occur
  • Dedicated sanitation areas
  • Frequent cleaning/sanitation of equipment and high-traffic areas
  • Pest prevention
  • Prerequisite programs and ongoing safety training


Keeping your facility and products sanitary and safe should be a top priority for any food producer. Utilizing clean release agents from a quality supplier is just one way to contribute to that goal. 

Interested in Release Agents that Will Help Keep Your Equipment & Products Clean?

Avatar Corporation has a diverse lineup of release agents for the food industry, including formulations created to assist in keeping production areas clean and sanitary. Avatar is committed to quality and safety, holding the highest level of certifications in the industry. To get pricing, order a sample, connect with a territory manager or for other inquiries, contact us

Published on : 30 Sep, 2020