Release Agents & Applicators: Insight for Bakery Startups

Release Agents & Applicators: Insight for Bakery Startups

If you operate a new startup in the baking industry, you will face plenty of challenges. It’s critical to have a vision for both the short term and long term. How will you reach your goals? Consider what it will take to achieve them. What struggles will you face? Think about how you can be prepared to take them on and overcome them.


This article provides insight for bakery startups like yours regarding the segment of the industry we know best: release agents. You’ll learn about purchase considerations related to both release agents and release agent applicators to help you become a more informed buyer.

The Relationship Between Release Agents & Applicators

Release agents prevent goods from sticking to baking equipment, which reduces spoilage, allows for consistent quality, and contributes to cost savings. They can be applied manually or by application technologies, like sprayers, which enable quicker and more precise application. Whether you plan to invest in both release agents and applicators now or later, it’s important to weigh your options carefully.


For the most part, there are release agent suppliers and there are applicator suppliers — not many companies that provide both. With release agents in the chemistry sector and application technologies in the engineering sector, most suppliers choose to specialize only in the most profitable area.


If a supplier does manufacture both, they typically lack quality in at least one division or utilize restrictive customer contracts.  With this type of supplier, you may be required to purchase everything from that company. They may also lock you into a long-term contract that voids the warranty if broken early. Some companies also formulate release agents specific to their applicators to force customers into their all-in-one system.


It’s more appealing for many bakery startups to have the flexibility of adding release agents and applicating systems independently, purchasing the best possible solutions from different sources and at different times if desired. When you are starting up, it’s beneficial to find the right partners out of the gate so your business relationship can grow and strengthen over time.

Avatar & Spraying Systems: The Best of Both Worlds

Avatar Corporation has always believed that release agents and application equipment are too diverse to sell together. We focus on innovation in chemistry and developing our broad portfolio of release agents to provide the best possible solutions backed by the highest level of certifications.


We can also assist with application questions as a result of our aligned efforts with Spraying Systems Co., the world’s leading manufacturer of spray technology. This relationship allows buyers to easily tap into our experts on the release agent side and Spraying Systems’ experts on the applicator side to find best-fit products without being restricted by contractual obligations. You can purchase just release agents, just application technologies or both — whenever the time is right for you.


To get pricing, order a sample, connect with a territory manager, or for other inquiries related to Avatar release agents, contact us.

Published on : 23 Nov, 2020