Release Agent Trials: What to Know

Release Agent Trials: What to Know

Bakers have a unique opportunity concerning the release agents they use on their goods in development and production. If desired, they can try release agents on a small scale to determine whether or not they provide value before committing to a large-scale purchase.


These tests, known as trials, are common in the industry for good reason. It’s a scientific process that provides concrete evidence of a release agent’s effectiveness and compatibility with both the equipment and the finished good. In contrast, purchasing without trialing first is like shooting in the dark. This article serves as an overview of release agent trials and provides insight that will help your bakery get the most out of your next trial.

What is a Trial & What is Its Value?

A trial is a way for bakers to test the effectiveness of a release agent before putting it into full production. It’s like a “test drive” before a decision is made. Trialing is used to ensure pain points will be addressed and resolved quickly and efficiently.


For example, if a company decides to raise the oven temperatures on a product line, it may cause issues with the existing release agent if its smoke point wasn’t previously vetted out to withstand certain temperature ranges. The bakery may also want to compare a water-based release agent to one that is oil-based. Other factors that affect release agent performance and play a role in the need for a trial include applications, ingredients, and types of surfaces.

How to Successfully Trial Release Agents

A poor release agent trial can cause a production shutdown. To ensure a successful trial, there are details the manufacturer should understand about the application where the release agent will be used. This insight will allow their supplier to ensure they provide the best possible formulation. Here are examples of questions you may be asked before beginning a trial.


    • On which finished good(s) will the release agent be used?
    • What are the properties of your current or historic release agents that have proven success with this application?
    • Will this trial take place on a bench/pilot scale or in full-scale production?
    • What temperature is the food product heated to during baking/cooking/dehydrating?
    • What type of equipment (baking surfaces, speed of production, etc.) will the release agent be applied to and how will it be applied?
    • Are there any equipment “trouble spots” where your food products tend to stick and cause significant downtime in production?
    • How many production runs do you want to see before making a decision?
    • What are your desired regulatory attributes?


    For additional information on identifying ideal release agents, read this article.

    Want to Trial Avatar Corporation Release Agents?

    At Avatar Corporation, we understand that no two bakeries are the same. For this reason, we can tailor our release agents to specific bakery’s unique needs. We encourage the companies with whom we work with to trial one or more of our products so we can help identify the formulation(s) that will be most effective for the particular application.


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Published on : 08 Feb, 2021