Make Continuous Improvement One of Your Goals

Make Continuous Improvement One of Your Goals

It’s not uncommon to hear that a company is striving to be “the best.” But how many of those companies are active in achieving that goal? As they say, actions speak louder than words.


The most successful businesses are never stagnant. They aim for continuous improvement, whether it involves developing new products, adjusting recipes, finding better ingredients, or enhancing production processes.


Don’t let your company fall into a complacent stance. Get creative when considering ways your operation can improve and be proactive in looking for solutions that will make it “the best.”

How to Approach Continuous Improvement

It’s undeniable that making changes to the operations of a baking facility is a challenge. It requires quite a bit of capital, and some companies operate on thin margins as it is. But that doesn’t mean improvement isn’t achievable. It just requires strategic planning and a mindset that the long-term benefits will make the short-term changes worthwhile.


To get the best return on investment (ROI), look for solutions that increase efficiency. For example, if you’ve found that the quantity of release agent needed to produce satisfactory output is high, your operation can be improved by finding a release agent that produces the same satisfactory output with lower quantity used. Or, if release agent application isn’t precise, you can seek application technology that will minimize spoilage and waste.


Yes, continuous improvement can mean an increase in capital expense to get the changes implemented or a changing mindset in working smarter versus harder. Some companies even hire entire teams dedicated to the cause. But remember, once everything is in place, the savings will follow, and you’ll begin to see a return on your investment.

How Avatar Can Contribute to Your Continuous Improvement

One of the ways Avatar Corporation is working to help customers get the most out of every release formula is by aligning our efforts with Spraying Systems Co., the global leader in spray technology. Their equipment is designed to ensure that you get the most economical results by applying the least amount of spray.


Avatar offers a diverse lineup of release agents for the food industry and can custom blend solutions to best fit your needs. Avatar is committed to quality and safety, holding the highest level of certifications in the industry. To get pricing, order a sample, connect with a territory manager, or for other inquiries, contact us.

Published on : 12 Oct, 2020