Creating Energy Efficiencies in Your Bakery

Creating Energy Efficiencies in Your Bakery

How energy-efficient is your bakery? Reducing energy use is one way for your operation to save money, boost profits, and exercise sustainable business practices. Energy savings can be achieved through many methods. This article will provide examples of ways your company can become more energy-efficient and thus cut unnecessary costs.

Energy Efficiency Checklist

To run a more energy-efficient baking operation, perform an energy audit and implement some “green” techniques and technologies.


    • Regularly inspect ovens — Look for worn or broken oven seals or damaged insulation to prevent heat loss.
    • Perform maintenance on compressors & motors — A poorly maintained compressor is up to 10% less efficient. Motors that are not maintained can be up to 7% less efficient.
    • Reduce water use during pan washing — It’s simple; wash your pans less frequently and get your pans clean using as little water as possible. Using best-fit release agents and precise release agent applicators helps limit the amount of residue left over in used pans, allowing them to be cleaned less often, faster, and with less water. A more detailed overview of release agents’ contribution to energy efficiency is included in the next section of this article.
    • Invest in energy-efficient ovens — Deck ovens offer fuel savings of 60-75% over traditional revolving tray ovens. In addition, deck ovens feature a self-contained steam system that maintains 99% steam retention, resulting in water savings. Finally, the lack of revolving trays means one less motor to power, which translates into electrical savings.


    For a more in-depth look at the practices listed above and more, read these articles by World Bakers and The Bakery Network.

    How Release Agents Create Energy Efficiencies

    Energy efficiencies can be achieved in ways you may not have previously considered. Take release agent application, for example. Overspray can cause excess oil to burn off in ovens and create smoke. In addition, imprecise application can lead to buildup on equipment. Cleaning equipment not only causes downtime but also increases water and detergent use.


    A more precise application technology yields positive results by reducing release agent use and eliminating unnecessary cleanups because there is no overspray or misting into the air. The spray coverage is consistent, and pans get coated uniformly. A case study by Spraying Systems Co. found that implementation of their applicator solution decreased release agent use by 18% and energy use by 73%.


    Your release agent selection makes a difference as well. For example, certain release agents allow you to bake at a higher temperature. Increasing the baking temperature enables products to be cycled faster, allows for higher daily production rates, and reduces energy use. In certain applications, water-based release agents contribute to energy savings as well.


    Avatar Corporation release agents for the food industry include water-based and oil-based formulations. We will work with you to identify the solutions that will help you run a more energy-efficient operation. Avatar is committed to quality and holds the highest level of certifications in the industry. To get pricing, order a sample, connect with a territory manager or for other inquiries, contact us

Published on : 25 Jan, 2021