Avatar is Committed to Performance Improvement

Avatar is Committed to Performance Improvement

Avatar Corporation Certified Compliant in ChemStewards® Program

Avatar Demonstrates Commitment to Performance Improvement

University Park, IL – Avatar Corporation’s University Park facility announced today it has furthered its commitment to environmental, health, safety and security excellence by becoming certified in ChemStewards®, the Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates' performance improvement program.

Avatar’s adoption of ChemStewards represents a commitment to improve its performance through a system of reviews and independent audits. ChemStewards is SOCMA’s flagship EHS&S program developed by and for the specialty chemical manufacturing industry to reflect a focus on continuous improvement of regulatory compliance, customer confidence, community trust and product stewardship. As a mandatory requirement for SOCMA members engaged in the manufacturing or handling of chemicals, ChemStewards is helping participants achieve superior EHS&S performance.

"Our University Park Plant was commissioned in 1998. This facility was designed and built specifically to enable full compliance with all FDA regulations related to the manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.” states Michael L. Shamie, President and CEO. “Our certification under SOCMA’s ChemStewards® program further demonstrates to our customers, our employees and the community of University Park that Avatar Corporation is committed to operating in a responsible and sustainable manner."

"Becoming ChemStewards certified is a major step for Avatar’s employees, customers and community,” said Jennifer Abril, SOCMA President and CEO. “ChemStewards is designed to help specialty chemical companies prioritize environmental, health, safety and security improvement. We commend Avatar on its successful completion of the program, which should serve as proof to their customers of the company’s efforts to achieve superior performance."

To learn more about ChemStewards, visit www.chemstewards.com.

About Avatar Corporation

Founded in 1982, Avatar Corporation is a manufacturer of products for the Food, Pharma and Personal Care industries. Avatar’s University Park facility is certified SQF Level 3 (Code Edition 7.2) under the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). We are the industry leader in the formulation and production of specialty release agents for the wholesale baking industry. We also provide contract manufacturing and packaging services to some of the finest companies in the FD&C marketplace.


Since 1921, SOCMA has represented a diverse membership of small, medium and large chemical companies located around the world bringing world-class support uniquely tailored to enhance the operational excellence of our member companies. SOCMA is the only U.S.-based trade association dedicated solely to the specialty chemical industry, making us the leading authority on this sector. To learn more, visit www.socma.com.

For additional information on our products and services, call (708) 534-5511 or (800) 255-3181 or visit www.avatarcorp.com

Published on : 04 Aug, 2017