Avatar Corporation Debuts Novel, Water-Miscible Organic Certified Release Agent

Avatar Corporation Debuts Novel, Water-Miscible Organic Certified Release Agent

When you’re a certified organic food processor, discovering the best performing ingredients which comply with the USDA National Organic Program regulations can pose a challenge.  While Avatar’s organic certified vegetable oil based ProKote® release agents exhibit superior functionality in many applications, certain processing environments stand to benefit from a water-miscible solution.  With this in mind, Natalie Perrythe head of Avatar’s Research and Development Laboratory (ARDL), focused on innovation in emulsion technology to drive the invention of a novel, water-miscible release agent which uniquely addresses these needs.


ProKote® 5022-AO is a first of its kind organic certified product which holds patent pending status by the United States Patent & Trademark Office, Application Number 63/101,155.  It is allergen-free and contains only naturally derived ingredients.  As this release agent is water-miscible, it is readily cleaned with water and simple organic certified detergents which can have a profound impact on energy consumption and savings.  ProKote® 5022-AO has a very high smoke and flash point (over 550°F) and is capable of withstanding extreme processing temperatures.  This patent pending product is intended for use in bagel and tortilla production, dried fruit manufacturing and any other applications where an oil-based solution is not desired.


Are you certified organic manufacturer ready to try something new with vast potential for improvements to your processes and production cost initiatives?  Avatar has 5 gallon pails of ProKote® 5022-AO prepared for immediate shipment to your company for trial evaluation.


We welcome the opportunity to learn and grow with your business. 

Published on : 28 Jul, 2020