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Supply Chain Challenges and Avatar’s Response

The world today, with the evolution of the global economy, has never been confronted by so many challenges that continue to disrupt the business supply chain in waves of shortages.  At Avatar, we are continually pursuing solutions to our supply chain disruptions and working closely with our customers to navigate these uncertain waters.

Publish Date: 05 May, 2022

Who's New at Avatar

Avatar’s Sales Team is growing! We are excited to welcome Kristina Gutyan as our new Pricing Analyst and Carol Malley as our new Inside Sales Representative. 

Publish Date: 15 Apr, 2021

Release Agents: Hidden Treasures for Sustainability

Energy efficiency is not only good for the planet, but it also can save companies a significant amount of money. In order to promote sustainability at a higher level, the EPA’s Energy Star program developed the Energy Treasure Hunt Campaign to “uncover the untapped potential for energy savings in America’s commercial and industrial facilities.”

Publish Date: 15 Mar, 2021

Release Agent Trials: What to Know

Bakers have a unique opportunity concerning the release agents they use on their goods in development and production. If desired, they can try release agents on a small scale to determine whether or not they provide value before committing to a large-scale purchase.

Publish Date: 08 Feb, 2021

Dealing with & Reducing Bakery Wastewater

Wastewater is a topic that will resonate with any baking operation. According to an industry study, the baking industry is one of the largest consumers of water in both the United States and Europe.

Publish Date: 01 Feb, 2021

Creating Energy Efficiencies in Your Bakery

How energy-efficient is your bakery? Reducing energy use is one way for your operation to save money, boost profits, and exercise sustainable business practices. Energy savings can be achieved through many methods.

Publish Date: 25 Jan, 2021

What is Organic Certification?

Organic products are more popular than ever. The Organic Trade Association’s 2020 Organic Industry Survey found that 2019 sales totaled a record $55.1 billion. This represented a 5 percent increase over 2018.

Publish Date: 18 Jan, 2021

Release Agents & Applicators: Insight for Bakery Startups

If you operate a new startup in the baking industry, you will face plenty of challenges. It’s critical to have a vision for both the short term and long term. How will you reach your goals? Consider what it will take to achieve them. What struggles will you face? Think about how you can be prepared to take them on and overcome them.

Publish Date: 23 Nov, 2020

How to Find the Best Release Agents for Your Needs

Every bakery is unique, manufacturing different goods and utilizing different baking processes. One of the problems some bakers experience is a disconnect between them and their release agent suppliers. The solutions offered aren’t always a perfect fit for the bakers’ unique situations, which can prevent them from achieving their goals concerning product quality, production efficiency, and cost savings.

Publish Date: 16 Nov, 2020

Maximizing the Shelf Life of Finished Goods

Food products are intended to move quickly so that they do not sit on shelves for extended periods of time. However, entities that offer food products to consumers benefit from maximized shelf life because it gives them additional time to sell the products and reduce spoilage.

Publish Date: 09 Nov, 2020

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