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In addition to our high quality food, pharmaceutical, and personal care products, Avatar Corporation provides services to many customers. In these services, Avatar produces products to the same levels of quality and certification that we produce our own products.

In custom manufacturing, Avatar takes a customer’s specifications and produces a product.

In contract packaging, Avatar packages one of Avatar’s standard products and packages the product into the specified package with customer specified labeling.


Avatar Corporation is a leading provider of materials to the food, drug, and personal care (cosmetic) industries. Our products are best described as excipients, diluents and vehicles. Specifically, they include white mineral oils, petrolatums, waxes, glycerin, propylene glycol, natural and fully refined triglycerides (edible oils) and lecithins.

In many instances, customers want a blend of materials that conform to specifications stipulated by the customer. We are pleased to provide these services. Under such service arrangements, Avatar consults with the customer to define the formulation. Our production engineers determine the proper equipment and process for the product. Avatar Quality Control Unit (ACQCU) personnel work in cooperation with the customer to develop agreed upon specifications for the product. Certificates of analysis are generated to document to the customer that the product has been manufactured within the agreed specifications in every production run. The product is then packaged in the specified container and shipped to the designated location.

We are able to provide a wide range of packaging options.

If you have a concept for a custom blended or contract packaged product in which you are interested, please contact us and we will help you find a way to meet your requirements.

Standard Packaging
Avatar Corporation is able to provide a wide range of packaging options. The most common containers requested by customers for custom blending or contract packaging work include
  • 5-gallon plastic pails
  • 55-gallon drums, tighthead (THD) or openhead (OHD) steel, poly and fiber
  • Intermodal Bulk Containers (IBC) 200 — 330 gallon, commonly known as tote tanks, both disposable totes and re-fillable with a variety of materials of construction

Straight bulk shipments packaged in 6,500 gallon stainless steel tank trucks or 20,000 — 25,000 gallon rail cars are also available.

Contract Packaging
Avatar Corporation inventories a full line of branded products in commodity and specialty areas. We realize there are times when customers wish to create their own brand image or wish to suppress the origin of the product for marketing reasons.

For these cases, and others, Avatar Corporation offers Contract Packaging services to our customers. Under contract packaging arrangements, we manufacture product to the same stringent quality control standards as our own products. The same levels of certification and registration (e.g. Kosher, food grade, drug grade, etc.) apply to contract packaged products. The product is packaged into the customer specified container. Labels are applied, provided either by the customer or produced by Avatar, or the packaging receives a temporary, transit label. The product is then shipped to our customer for distribution, or drop shipped to its final destination.

Various types of containers are available for contract packaging. Click here for more information on common packaging types.

Should you be interested in more information regarding our contract packaging services, please contact us.

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