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Personal Care
Avatar produces and sells a wide range of food ingredients, release agents, and lubricants intended for both direct and indirect food contact. Typical application areas are baking, meat processing, flavors, processed cheese, confectionery, and many others. Most of Avatar's food grade products are certified Kosher by OK Kosher Certification.
Avatar supplies ingredients for use in widely varying applications in the personal care industry including haircare, skin care, oral care and pet care.

Among the functions provided by these products are cleansing, conditioning, moisturizing, emolliency, lubrication, solvency, gellation, viscosity modification, emulsification, humectancy, opacification, pH modification, moisture retention/resistance, preservation and oxidation retardation.
A majority of Avatar products are designed to meet the needs of the food, pharmaceutical and personal care industries. However, a large number of these products also are used in many specialty industries, such as, candle, crayon and disposable tableware production and increasing numbers of industrial processes and finished goods developed as environmentally-friendly and safe for humans and animals.

Environmentally-benign technical grade materials also are offered, such as, Avatech technical grade white mineral oils, petrolatums and glycerin, as well as, a number of innovative, food grade-based release agents designed for specialty industrial applications.
Avatar produces and sells various products to the pharmaceutical industries. Some of these include excipients, diluents and vehicles for drugs, preservatives and solvated preservatives for medicated hospital wipes.
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