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ProKoteŽ LSC Series Lecithins are mixtures of naturally-occuring hydrophilic and lipophilic phosphatides of choline, ethanolamine and inositol, with smaller amounts of other lipids.

They are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) in accordance with FDA 21CFR 184.1400 and are Kosher-certified.

ProKoteŽ Modified Lecithins contain less than 50 percent alcohol insolubles.

ProKoteŽ LSC Series Lecithins and modified Lecithins function primarily as emulsifiers and/or lubricants in spreads, confections, baked goods, animal feed, plastics, rubber and textiles.

Kosher, Pareve and Kosher for Passover
grades are available.
Rabbinical supervision is provided by
OK Kosher Certification, Brooklyn, NY

Products >>

ProKoteŽ LSC 3070 Modified Lecithin
ProKoteŽ LSC 4060 Modified Lecithin

Products >>

ProKoteŽ LSC 5050 Lecithin
ProKoteŽ LSC 6040 Lecithin
ProKoteŽ LSC 6040-B Lecithin
ProKoteŽ LSC 6040-O Lecithin

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