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NOTICE: The Propylene Glycol and Glycerin products sold by Avatar Corporation are not for use in any application intended to produce vapor, fog, mist, smoke or aerosol, wherein there is a possibility of inhalation.

Glycerol, commonly known as glycerin, is a trihydric alcohol [C3H5(OH)3] obtained from animal- and/or vegetable-derived fats and oils during the production of soap, fatty acid and detergent alcohol [natural]. Glycerin also is produced from Propylene [synthetic]. It is a clear, colorless, odorless, viscous, water-soluble, hygroscopic liquid with a sweet taste.

The virtual nontoxicity, safety and multifunctional nature of glycerin have led to its utilization in over 1500 known end uses. It functions as a humectant, plasticizer, emollient, solvent, bodying agent, lubricant and sweetening agent in personal care, pharmaceutical, food, agriculture, adhesives, coatings, refrigeration and many other industries.

Specific applications include its use as a softening agent for creams and lotions; solubilizer and viscosity modifier for liquid soaps, mouth wash, toothpaste, shampoo and hair conditioners; flavor enhancement for oral care and cough syrup; humectant and sweetener in foods; freezing point depressant for aqueous solutions.

Avatar Corporation is a nonrefining processor of natural glycerin obtained from renewable global sources. Our blending and packaging capabilities give outstanding flexibility in meeting rigorous customer requirements.

Kosher, Pareve and Kosher for Passover
grades are available.
Rabbinical supervision is provided by
OK Kosher Certification, Brooklyn, NY

USP grades meet the requirements of 21CFR
182.1320, "Substances Generally Recognized as Safe, Subpart B - Multiple Purpose GRAS Food Substances".

Products >>

Glycerin 99.7%, USP, Kosher
Glycerin 99.5%, USP, Kosher
Glycerin 96.0%, USP, Kosher

AvatarŪ Propylene Glycols include USP Kosher and technical grades.

Propylene Glycol is a component in approximately 44 of our finished good formulations including the following:
· Food Grade Heat Transfer Fluids (NSF Registered as category HT1)
· Food Grade Release Agents
· Food Grade Antioxidants
· Propylene Glycol USP/FCC (Excipient)
· Proprietary FG Compounds

Products >>

Propylene Glycol, USP, Kosher

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