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Trough Greases >> More info?

TroKote™ trough greases are nonanimal-derived blends which provide release of dough from troughs or chutes without imparting taste or odor to baked goods. They range in consistency from sprayable liquid to stiff paste.

TroKote trough greases meet FDA requirements for food and are Kosher-certified.

Products >>

TroKote™ 4551-AO
TroKote™ 4000-AT Trough Grease
TroKote™ 4225-AT
TroKote™ 4520
TroKote™ 4550-O
ProKote® 5205-O Release Agent
TroKote™ 4190-AT Trough Grease
TroKote™ 4521-A Trough Grease

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