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Avapol™ polyoxyethylene sorbitan esters are multifunctional, water-soluble surfactants which find wide use in the food, pharmaceutical, personal care, pet care and specialty applications. They are used as oil-in-water emulsifiers in single surfactant systems and in cosurfactant systems with water-insoluble Avester™ sorbitan esters as water-in-oil emulsifiers.

These products are packaged under the highest quality controls in full compliance with cGMP and Permanent Drug Registration protocol. Products below with a K suffix are Kosher-certified.

Kosher, Pareve and Kosher for Passover
grades are available.
Rabbinical supervision is provided by
OK Kosher Certification, Brooklyn, NY

Products >>

Avapol™ 20 Sorbitan Ester
Avapol™ 20K Sorbitan Ester
Avapol™ 60 Sorbitan Ester
Avapol™ 60K Sorbitan Ester
Avapol™ 65 Sorbitan Ester
Avapol™ 80 Sorbitan Ester
Avapol™ 80K Sorbitan Ester

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