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Pinnacle™ Petrolatums are odorless, tasteless, amorphous materials consisting of high-molecular-weight hydrocarbon oils and paraffinic waxes.

Pinnacle™ Petrolatums meet the criteria of the Food Chemical Codex monographs, FDA 21CFR Part 172, "Food additives permitted for direct addition to food for human consumption" [§ 880], Part 178, "Indirect Food additives: adjuvants, production aids and sanitizers" [§ 3700] and Part 573 "Food Additives Permitted in Feed and Drinking Water of Animals" [§ 720].

Primary functions include lubrication, release, moisture resistance, moisture retention and foam suppression.

Pinnacle™ Petrolatums can be colored to: Amber (A), Cream (C), Lilly (L), or Vellum (V).

Products >>

Pinnacle™ 190 Petrolatum, USP
Pinnacle™ 225 Petrolatum, USP
Pinnacle™ 170 Petrolatum, USP
Pinnacle™ LC 170 Petrolatum, USP
Pinnacle™ LC 190 Petrolatum, USP
Pinnacle™ LC 225 Petrolatum, USP
Pinnacle™ WF 170 Petrolatum, USP
Pinnacle™ WF 190 Petrolatum, USP
Pinnacle™ WF 225 Petrolatum, USP

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